Friday, April 4, 2008

Spreading the Joy

If you like a food item, I can think of almost nothing more enjoyable than sharing it. A longtime friend and neighbor going through some hard times was telling me her woes (they're very real) and looked sad while recounting them, but her face completely lit up when she again thanked me for some walnut/raisin bread I recently gave her. Just for a moment, she seemed happy, smiled broadly and little did she realize in doing so she made my day -- and all it took was the alchemy of some wheat flour, raisins, walnuts, yeast, etc. and the most precious ingredients love and time. Share what you love.
And write me your comments! (I'll give you the bread recipe if you want it; you don't need a bread machine).


Sherry Rose said...

I personaly love gifts of food. I love to give it and receive it and most of all eat it :)

Please do post it, or better yet, make one for your husband and tell him to share it with the class :)

I also appreciated the food storage tip. I have been looking at those and could not stop thinking back to all the different food storage products I have owned. I found them costly, hard to store, and difficult to use. That being said I would still find ice crystals on my food. I am sure Steve can tell ya what I would do with

Keep blogging


Anonymous said...

Sherry: thanks for your post; is it the walnut bread recipe you want? it's worth the little effort required. A similar loaf I ordered from Poilane in Paris sent to us here cost $75!!! and it too was worth it. But making it at home is certainly empowering. Do try the vacuum sealer and write me how you like it, ok? We like feedback. As far as "making something for the class" you never know ---