Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Making Soup from a Stone

This past weekend my husband got sick with a cold. When he's sick, all he wants to do is veg out. So naturally, my thoughts turned to veggies too -- vegetable soup. Within ten minutes we had a pot of split pea soup bubbling away on the stove and in an hour we were enjoying a nice hearty bowl of soup together. Steve between sips said "nobody makes soup anymore" and I found this hard to believe since soup's one of the first things a chef learns to make and that was my job when I worked banquet service at the Westin Hotel. From my Chinese studies I learned to make soup from (literally) nothing, or more honestly, from just about anything you have on hand. You just need to know some basics, and have on hand some pantry items, and soup's really very simple to make. Not to mention the obvious health benefits, it just feels good to eat home made soup. So the question now is: does anybody make soup anymore? Do you want to learn how? Stone or otherwise.

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