Thursday, April 3, 2008

Making Life Easier while Saving Money

Hi everyone: from time to time I'll post (and hope you do too) ways we can improve our food lives and save money, something we're all about today. Today's tip is a product by Reynolds-- a food sealer. Yes, I know, the late-night infomercials-- BUT WAIT! this one's actually useful and available in your local Publix. The sealer looks a bit like a one-hand can opener, but with the suction cup and battery operation it sits on a handy shelf in my kitchen, lightweight and ready to use in a second. Plus, the bags come in different sizes (also available in Publix) and are reasonably priced. If you've ever owned a sealer, you know buying additional bags was expensive and inconvenient. Reynolds' bags can also be re-sealed, not an option with other types of sealers. For those of you who don't think you need this: I bought lemons about three weeks ago and sealed them: opened a bag last night and they were pristine. Vacuum-sealing (sous-vide in French) is a no-brainer for stockpiling fresh or cooked foods in freezer or fridge during upcoming hurricane season. Sealer costs under $10, bags between $3-$4.

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