Saturday, April 19, 2008


Hi Everybody: are you as shocked as I am at the rise in food costs? Can you believe the price of staples like bread, milk, etc. On a recent trip to the super market I noticed a huge (percentage-wise) increase in baked goods prices, and other essentials. I can only imagine the struggle it presents for entire families to budget for decent nutritious foods. Now more than ever one has to use sales, BOGOS, coupons, etc. to stretch our food budget and still eat well. Somehow we manage, especially those of us used to "home ec", making do with what we have. Be sure to buy seasonally, too and in addition to having variety, you'll automatically get food that's better priced. And here's my answer to food prices I object to: DON'T BUY THEM! Seriously, find another alternative. I have a suspicion that some of these prices have been passed along to us simply because they could be; unfortunately, the basics are just that: things we don't feel we can live without. Try to think outside of the box: do you really need that loaf of white bread for $5 or can you use pita or rye krisp bread this time (which mysteriously have retained much lower prices though they too contain wheat)? Or be really radical, and don't buy any bread at all. Bring out that bread machine and start using that again. A friend and I recently figured out that simply using a machine, even if he has to buy one, he'd make up that money in one month. But start baking quickly as the cost of flours is also rising. Keep the flours and yeast in your fridge or freezer, too, they'll last longer. Another friend divides women into two categories: princesses and pioneers. I assume I know which one you'd WANT to be , but realistically today, which one SHOULD you be (we can go back to being royals after the recession!)

Write me with any baking questions/problems you have
Chef D

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