Monday, July 13, 2009

Boca Goes International

This past weekend we were tooling around and just happened to spot a new Indian food market on Federal Highway at 28th street. Opened a month ago by Mr and Mrs Pandya, this market may very well symbolize the prosperity of modern professional Indians since it carries so many traditional foods done commercially. For many years the average Indian market here in the States carried such traditional foods but they were usually made by an Indian woman in her home's kitchen. And although we always enjoyed these foods, there was a huge variance as to quality, not to mention questions about sanitation rules observed or not by our unseen cooks. All of those fears are now allayed by commercial packagers of a tremendous assortment of foods favored by our sub-continent friends. And many of my chef friends and I agree: it's our favorite cuisine. Once certain biases are overcome ("I don't like curry"), many others find it equally addictive. An entire Indian meal from snacks, appetizers, soups, main courses, breads, even drinks can be put together with the very impressive frozen and fresh offerings at this immaculate, well lighted new store. But if you insist upon making your favorite dishes from scratch you'll find all of your fresh veggies, rices, pulses, legumes, spices in short : most of what you'll need except for fresh meat or fish right here.
They even have several brands of curry powder if you don't feel like grinding your own.

Little India

2800 North Federal Highway

Unit 5

(across from Quality Inn Motel)


(First in a series of blogs about Boca's growing food scene)

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